Sub-zero Transformations

One of the highlights of my year in China was seeing the radical transformation of a friend’s life through Christ. It was cold and we had been on a bus talking about Jesus.  We came to disembark into freezing temperatures, yet our conversation continued. Then, very simply, she turned to me, smiled and said, “I believe, Jesus is my sacrifice!”  We stood there shivering and prayed together.  As she opened her eyes I could see a change already.


What she said next that really caught me by surprise.  Voicing her immediate concern for others, she asked, “What about those people who don’t yet know about Jesus? Those people in India and Africa and…What happens to them?”  I told her that we would have to go and share with them also, at which she gave an enthusiastic nod of her head.


Along with numbers of other memorable experiences, witnessing the amazing changes in this woman’s life stands out as a huge privilege for me.


Josh spent a year in China alongside church planting teams, observing and experiencing ministry.  His trip, the preparation for it and subsequent follow-up was organised by WEC Trek.

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