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Volunteering for WEC in NZ


At the NZ Office


The WEC NZ  office is located in the beautiful Waikato just 10 mins north of Hamilton.  We currently have a staff of over 12 people involved in various jobs to keep WEC NZ operational.  We are always looking for more help. If you are interested in joining our team, involved in supporting our overseas workers, contact the NZ office.  All staff at the NZ office are volunteers so no one gets paid.  We are treated in the same way as our overseas missionaries. 

Cross-Cultural Ministry in NZ


We have people (from both NZ and overseas) serving in cross-cultural ministry within NZ, reaching out to migrants and refugees.  There are ethnic groups within NZ who do not know the stories of Jesus so we are seeking to reach out to them.


If this sounds like the sort of ministry you would like to be involved in, contact us to learn more.

Local Ministry

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