Long Term


WEC encourages people to put their unique professional skills and experience to use in a cross-cultural setting. What may be common here could well be greatly needed in other parts of the world. Good examples include medical, agricultural, social work, business, I.T., finance, tourism, ESOL and other teachers. Each of these can contribute to the church planting process.  Do you have some skills or experience?

Curious where you could be?


We cannot publicise every country we work in but to give you a taste of those places we can talk openly about, here are some available opportunities.




Some Common Questions

What do we mean by long term?

For WEC long term generally means more than 2 years.

Do I need to join an Organisation?

We always recommend long-termers join an experienced agency to partner with. For most people it will ensure that they have the support they need to thrive where they go. There’s many organisations, each with their own focus, practices and “feel.” WEC run an orientation course which enables you, and WEC, to checkout whether it is a “suitable fit” for you. Upon completion of the candidate orientation course, if you, your church and WEC are in agreement, you can then join one of our WEC teams.

What Training do I need?

To serve God in cross-cultural mission is both a huge privilege and one of the most challenging things anyone could undertake. All the more reason to be well prepared. We understand that each person is on a journey and their training needs are different so it is difficult to say what exactly you would need to do. Having said that we do recommend some bible college training and a period of time involved in local church ministry before joining WEC.

How am to be supported?

WEC does not employ anyone. Your support will generally come from your church, friends and family. With the exception of tentmakers (employed professionals) and missional business people, no one in WEC receives a salary or wage. All people are full or part-time volunteers.

Who Are The Unreached


Surely everyone has heard about Jesus now?  Do we still to go and tell people about Jesus?


The are few places in NZ where you cannot find a church.  And you would be very unlikely not to come in contact with a Christian sometime in your life time.


Did you know 42% of the world live without ever hearing about Jesus and never meeting a single Jesus follower. These are the 3 billion plus people we called unreached.  In majority Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist countries, where there is no church, there are few if any Christians and probably not even a complete bible in their heart language.  


What do you think?  Do they deserve an opportunity to learn about Jesus?  Maybe you can be that lifesaver for them.

So What’s Next?


Need help regarding how to determine God’s will for you in mission?  We trust this valuable tool will answer a bundle of your questions.


How do I know God’s will?


Is mission for me?


How do I get ready for mission?


Where do I belong in mission?


Maybe you prefer talking to people; contact us at the NZ Headquarters