WEC Worldwide Evangelization for Christ

Our Vision

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, with a sense of urgency and a commitment to work with others, we: mobilise for missions, recruit, train, send and care for workers in fellowship with the wider Church.

Who is WEC


  • To share the gospel with the hard-to-reach people 
  • To foster the planting and maturing of truly local churches
  • To show compassion to a needy world
  • To inspire, mobilise and equip the whole church for ministry across  cultures
  • To pray from start to finish



God is worthy of our absolute trust. We are totally dependent on him as the supplier of every thing we need. We trust him to fulfil his purposes despite any opposition or apparent impossibility.



Love for Christ is our core passion. We believe in the denial of self and of being a blessing others even when it is costly. As a Christ-follower Jesus is our example.



God is holy and as people created in his image we are called to be holy. Our desire is to please him in every part of our lives. This is only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit.



We are a community of God's people drawn from various backgrounds and cultures, reflecting the diversity of the global Church. We are united by our Lord Jesus Christ, and are part of one Church - those who love Jesus. Our togetherness in Christ makes it possible to serve together as brothers and sisters.




The mobilising team is involved in raising the awareness of cross cultural missions, the needs and the opportunities and the variety of pathways people can take to become a missionary.  Our team is involved in developing strong and healthy relationships with the local church and individuals on the cross-cultural missions journey.  Another important job is equipping the church and individuals for cross cultural ministry through providing workshops and training and offering opportunities to go and serve in NZ and overseas.



We seek to ensure that all WEC NZ members are well looked after.  Each of us has a need to receive care and support,  which is provided in different ways.  Those who are seeking to help others need to be people characterised by resilience; it is essential for a life of service.  Our team is involved in caring for our members around the world and in NZ,  helping them thrive where God has placed them.


Te Pūtahi (Meeting place)

Yes, the nations have come to New Zealand.  The vision of this team is to serve alongside New Zealand churches involved in cross-cultural ministry to encourage immigrants, former refugees, international students and their families into flourishing and contributing communities. WEC is partnering with other agencies to see this vision fulfilled.



The HOME team oversees the smooth and effective management of accommodation, administration, finance, IT systems, site utilities and structures, health and safety, equipment, and development of the site, in accordance with the strategic direction of the WEC Aotearoa New Zealand.  We are always looking for volunteers to help us especially in the gardens and maintenance areas at our WEC NZ base.

Friends of WEC


Do you have a WEC heart?  Do you love what WEC stands for, our ethos and vision? Then you might be a Friend of WEC.  Friends of WEC is a loose network of people, who share WEC’s ethos and vision and may be able to contribute to the vision and needs of WEC NZ and build awareness of WEC throughout New Zealand. This includes retired and resigned WECers, those who have done a short-term trip through WEC or… those who just love WEC!