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One thing I have learned over time, is that life is a lifetime of learning.  You need to flourish where God has called you, to continue to grow and develop where you are. We are putting together “a tailor made” cross-cultural experience right here in NZ within the local church context.  It would be 6 to 12 months for a team of people drawn from across the country.


We aim to:

  • give participants a greater understanding of what WEC is all about.
  • see participants grow in their passion for Christ, passion for the Gospel and a passion for reaching the world for Christ in a cross-cultural context.
  • give participants a greater understanding of what is involved in church planting and cross-cultural ministry
  • give participants a greater understanding of what is involved in local church ministry

Mentoring and coaching is an important component of the experience.

Crossing the Great Barrier


“Great barriers to Missions” is 5 day trip with an opportunity to experience God in a new way. We explore some of the myths, truths, and half truths, the barriers to mission. 


Some of the areas we will explore together are:

  • Guidance
  • Trusting God with our personal rights
  • Courageous discipleship
  • God’s faithfulness in our journey


What we will do?

There will be time to share your own experiences of God’s grace and guidance. This will be a relaxed time with plenty of space to wander the beach, swim, think, chat, and pray. The trip is open to school leavers (and older) interested in missions.

engage in missions

Young C.T. Studd

Founder of WEC

Study the Bible and Missions


Ever thought you would like to know more about missions, about being involved with people from different cultures?  Then why don’t you consider going to Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies it is located 10 mins north of Hamilton.


There you can train with a diverse group of students and staff from across the globe? As you study you will be able to apply your learning with weekly opportunities to be engaged in real-life ministry in the surrounding area.