A lifestyle of prayer must be at the heart of all we do.  Prayer needs to be a priority and integral part of day-to-day life.  Prayer is about having a heart that beats in unison with God’s.




Albert Simpson the founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance once said  “Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work.”   Without prayer little if anything will be accomplished. It is essential to the work of God.  


There are still many people groups with few, if any, known believers. Maybe you can adopt such a people group for prayer, or use a resource like Operation World.  Let us mobilise intercessors to change our needy world!

“Operation World is an invaluable book that has revolutionised my prayer life more than any other book outside the Bible.” David Platt (Author, pastor and IMB President)


Joshua Project


Below is a link to a daily prayer point for an unreached peoples group.

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Each month we produce prayer notes for all our Kiwi and Pasifika workers.  If you’d like to receive this, please contact us.  All our workers would love you to join their team, in prayer, more people “standing in the gap” on behalf of the people they serve.  If you’d like to pray for workers in a particular region of the world, please let us know and we’ll connect you with someone.


Prayer app


This is the online version of the prayer notes for all our Kiwi and Pasifika workers.

Join a prayer group


WEC has several groups around NZ who meet regularly to pray for workers from WEC and often other missions.  Contact our WEC NZ office for more information.  And if there isn’t a group in your area or that doesn’t meet at a time that works for you, get in touch and we can help you get set one up.