Palmy Trekker Amazed

Jo ‘trekked’ from Palmerston North to the WEC-associated Melusi Christian Community in South Africa.  Melusi ministries include caring for the homeless, HIV/ AIDS care, food distribution, outreaches and a kids club.  The excerpt below comes from an email four months into Jo’s six month stay…


“I’m starting to see the good stuff that gets done here.  Just after I got here we met a lady as part of an outreach.  She was incredibly weak that first time.  Probably a mixture of HIV, and maybe asthma, or something like that.  She could barely walk, had not had much food, and her approximately 11 year old son came and asked for help.  We took some food over, and she cried as she was so thankful for a bit of help.”


“After about three months of us taking food to her, she was strong enough to walk to the hospital.  That’s about 2km, in the sun, by herself there and back!  It’s incredible what a little bit of food and prayer can do.  And it’s awesome to know that I could be a part of it.”

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