Care to Try Wolof?

“I am continuing to learn Wolof and have been to the village every other week.  They are reading parts of the Old Testament and I play with the kids and greet them and try a little bit of Wolof.  It’s a tough call sharing the gospel in a country that is 95% Muslim.  I am in awe of those God has called to do this long term…with often very slow results…”


“We’re four weeks into the term and my class is humming along nicely.  We’re learning lots and having amazing debates; ranging from “Can boys wear pink?” to “Should we all speak the same language?”  We’ve been looking at 3 week old mould under a microscope…very dodgy, and the decaying smell adds a fresh flavour to the already interesting smell of the classroom – a small, hot, stuffy room with 13 kids, a sweaty teacher…and no, you can’t open the windows as due to less than satisfactory fans this makes the temperature increase by 10 degrees! But we all love it!”


I write this from Senegal where I have been teaching at a Christian school for a year.


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