Betel Drug Rehabilitation

Sometimes the physical world around us reflects spiritual realities in our lives. For the Betel work in Nottingham, England, the massive renovation of an old building for use as a new church, offices, and accommodation, reflects the work of God in their lives.


“Nearly every room has to be stripped to the brick and be done again so that it can be used to its full potential,” says Rebekah of Betel.” As Britain suffers from economic decline, and the Betel second-hand shops (which provide income for the ministry) produce less profit, they find themselves stripped back to the core. “We continue to trust in God. The work of our hands is not enough to reach the financial needs of the community.  But even though our faith is being stretched to a new level, we are seeing miracle provisions from the Lord.”  While the building is being transformed, lives too continue to be turned around. Jenny who was sent from New Zealand to Nottingham explains, “Many new men and women have come into the community this year.  In time they are sent out whole again to the ‘real world’.”


Betel is about the restoration of relationships, and transformation often comes to marriages. “One Betelito recently renewed his wedding vows and he and his family have chosen to live and work in close proximity, in order to continue to be a vital part of the Betel church here. We are also praying for more single women missionaries with a desire to support other women being freed from substance abuse.”


If you are interested in serving in such a missional context let us know.

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