Betel: A Substance Abuse Ministry of WEC

Betel is a church planting focused substance abuse ministry of WEC International. Beginning in Spain in 1985, today well over 60,000 drug addicts have been helped in over 60 cities in 13 nations.  While a large percentage have conquered their addiction and seen broken lives restored, at least 50 have gone on to become pastors and plant churches. Read for more details.


A series of disasters however, rocked the Betel ministry in Britain.  A devastating fire was followed by floods and the tragic death of an ex-addict after he fell from a tree.  The following story is one of the latest highlights of how God is responding to the losses of Betel Birmingham.


Betel ministries worldwide are significantly funded by furniture restoration work at the hands of ex-drug addicts in Britain. Naturally, they are always on the lookout for suitable pieces for restoration.  Recently two Victorian-era sofas were donated to Betel following a London auction. As the Betel staff carried them to their furniture van, a woman called out asking to buy them on the spot. The men agreed to a price, plus delivery some two hours away.  The home turned out to be a castle, one of the most beautiful and best kept in England.  The woman, a Duchess, promptly told them she needed many more pieces to furnish her newly renovated castle rooms. To their delight, Betel leaders Marcus and Kent were invited to meet ‘Her Grace’ at a later date. She listened openly as Marcus and Kent described the ministry of Betel and shared some testimony. She then gave them a tour of the castle rooms, listing her furniture requirements-for Betel to source on her behalf.


Marcus and Kent followed her through gilt, ornately decorated castle halls in disbelief, wondering why she would choose Betel over establishments such as Sotheby or Christies?  The Duchess even went on to suggest that this was just one of the ways she could support Betel, encouraging them to present her with other projects to which she could lend her patronage as well.  Needless to say, such acts of generosity have been a huge blessing in what has been a particularly challenging year.

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