African Witchdoctor Turns to Christ

A WEC Trek team to Africa witnessed a witchdoctor set aside his amulets and turn to follow Christ.  Trek team member Lindsay recounts the story.


“We joined with a missionary couple to do a bible study with a local pastor in an ‘informal settlement’ area. As we got up to leave, the Spirit impressed upon me how huge the harvest was in this area.  Feeling led to pray for my future involvement here, I prayed, “Lord show me if you want me to return here in the future”.  Just then, a young man called Alfred approached us seeking help. Amazingly, God had told this local witch doctor to immediately leave his house, go around the corner, and there he would find some friends who would help him. Through translation, the gospel message was shared with Alfred.  The Spirit spoke to him strongly and he removed his amulet right there on the road.”


The following Sunday the WEC Trek team were there to witness Alfred coming to church.  He came to the front, now wearing normal clothes, and gave testimony to how the Lord had saved him.  “Later I received an email from my son, saying how their house group had been praying for us that very day. I was really encouraged to see the power of prayer in action.”


The team went to serve the ministries of WEC’s Rainbows of Hope, a church-based, church planting focused work with children in crisis.  They were involved with storytelling in crèches, youth work, practical service on the training property and street evangelism.


Roger and Jennie, the WEC Trek leaders, added, “If you ever get an opportunity to be a blessing in a 2/3rds world country, you will return changed and ironically even more blessed as a result.”

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