To Escape or Engage?

Fiesta time in northern Spain means four days of super-loud concerts and raucous, drunken parties. We usually make a point of bundling up the kids and escaping the neighbourhood. This year however, as part of an intentional season of sowing, we made the decision to stick around and try to connect better with the community that God has called us to reach.

The Basque people here live in a seriously Roman Catholic and ultra-nationalist belt, where evangelicals are regarded with a good dose of suspicion and number fewer than 2, 000.

We were encouraged after going away with a local family when one of them said to us, “You’re really serious about religion. But your religion is different to ours, isn’t it?” It’s so great that he felt the freedom to speak with us that way, and that he was keen to explore the subject further. We trust that the investment into these families and our community will grow into something special.

Ainsley and Duncan are Wellingtonians who dream of a missional Basque church for the Basque people. They also love hanging out with their two gorgeous kids, Gabrielle and Aiden.

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