China officially has 55 minority peoples. However,this figure doesn’t bear any resemblance to the actual facts. The current best count of China’s minorities compiled in Paul Hattaway’s Operation China is perhaps 490 different groups encompassing in all about 100m people.

It is among these groups that Christ is least known. More than 350 of these ethnicities are less than 1% Christian and 250 have no known Christians among them. Chinese Christians seem the best placed to reach these minorities but often need help to go. Those in the cities have growing professional skills and resources but may lack theological depth and cross-cultural insights. Many increasingly acknowledge the need for leadership development and cross-cultural mission training.

Many Chinese Christians have a dual vision, of not only a much greater harvest in their own country but also of waves of Chinese missionaries taking the gospel to difficult places around the world.  Maybe a new history of epic proportions is about to be written.