Storytelling breakthroughs amongst Bedouins

“God cannot have a son! Everyone knows this is blasphemy!” I left my friend’s house in a hurry, struggling to hold back the tears. For years it had been like this. We were living with the Bedouin, trying to share Christ with them, but all too often our conversations turned into a debate. My friends would become angry and I frustrated. There had to be a better way than this.

We began to explore storytelling as a method of sharing the Gospel. It is simply telling stories, often chronologically, from the Bible. I began preparing stories before certain visits and praying for the opportunity to tell them. Most times I was able to share the story and often it was quite well received. The nice thing is the visits did not end in a debate or argument.

We have found many other ways to tell stories. The Bedouin love songs and poetry, and have a rich and unique tradition of sharing stories through these mediums. We have songs that tell the Christmas and Easter stories and we have sung these when we invite our Bedouin friends to share our holidays with us.

We are also excited about sharing stories through mobile phone. The Bedouin love their mobile phones. We have some Bedouin Bible stories and some Bible stories developed especially for women. They are good quality and look and sound great on the phone.

Through stories we can reach people in a way they can understand and identify with. As Jesus used stories to tell people about the kingdom, so are we today.

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