Stop Sending Them!

“Stop sending them! Stop sending under-qualified missionaries!”  This is the vociferous appeal made in the blog by Steve Jennings, a missionary to the Middle East. Have we sent too many missionaries?  Are the workers too many and the harvest not so plentiful after all?  No.  Steve’s concern is not that we are sending too many missionaries, but rather that under-prepared workers are hindering frontline mission work.

Steve goes on to say:  “It seems that the impatience that so marks the current generation has infiltrated the missionary movement under the guise of “urgency.”  In our haste to send people to needy places, underprepared workers are being sent.”  This is creating problems for existing workers resulting in mistakes in mission with far reaching (even eternal) consequences.

Steve’s argument is for workers to be better prepared before going out to serve God.  Workers that are sent need to have proven godly character, know the Scriptures, know how to work with others, and be people that are, in his words, “called and ready.”

You can read Steve’s blog, “Why More Isn’t Always Better”  here

Another seasoned mission worker in an international survey responded,” “For me, it’s not about more people, it’s about suitable people. I’ve been supervising missionaries for 15 years and would prefer less who stay longer and accomplish more.”

So how does WEC ensure that new workers are the type that people like Steve would welcome? Read “Sending Them Well” for more.

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