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Church Mission Resources

For Churches


Member Care

We’re very intentional about providing member care services for missionaries.  We find a wrap-around approach involving both the agency (here and there) and the church works best. WEC’s Member Care team has compiled a number of resources to help you to care for and support your cross cultural missionaries.  WEC Australia has posted much of this online, with chapters helpfully arranged by the stages of cross-cultural ministry.  It’s a feast of good suggestions gleaned from a number of resources and years of experience.  So rather than duplicate it all here, we encourage you to check it out.  Just note, while you can make contact with any links they have, it’s probably best and easiest to contact us here in NZ.  You may also like to check out our recommended reading list here.

Mission Vision & Training

The beauty of being a part of an 100 year old international mission organisation is that there’s plenty of personnel or resources to pull on.  Maybe you’re exploring how to be more involved across cultures or missional in your church vision and structure. Maybe you need a mission speaker (at church, home group or youth group) or a short-term specialist to assist your people in orientation or debrief.  Perhaps you want to explore a particular mission issue or challenge you have.  More than likely we’ve got an experienced “someone” who can be in touch and serve your church in this way.  Failing that we’ll do our utmost to connect you to someone who can help. Our Glocal workshops are one of the ways we’re partnering with churches in mission. There are others, so feel free to look around the website or get in touch.

Children’s Material

WEC has produced a great little book for teaching children about mission “40 Days 40 Bites”. Inside are short stories about various countries and people groups to help children relate to foreign lands and people. Each page includes a small map, putting the country into perspective with neighboring countries, a fact box with essential country and people information, and prayer points that children can ask God for as well as thank God for. This invaluable resource develops cultural, political, and geographical awareness through a Christian lens. It is available from our office for just $10.00.  The more comprehensive “Window on the World” is also available.

The following is a list of websites we’ve found helpful in promoting mission with kids.  Please let us know if you’ve found some of your own so we can grow this list together!

  • Oscar Zone – includes information on resources for children, youth/teenagers & parents/teachers. Website
  • Wycliffe Idea Bank – a collection of simulation games, stories and discussion materials. Website
  • Global Gang Christian Aid – from Christian Aid UK with interactive sections for kids and info for teachers on places in the world – good for homework as well. website
  • Christian Aid Global Explorers – Global Explorer site within the Christian Aid UK teacher resource website – interactive and fun, with a focus on aid and development.