Packing a Surprise Punch

A young Kiwi guy has taken a beating and is sitting dazed by the kerb. It’s easy to walk passed, after all, everyone else is. I look at my watch…I haven’t got time anyway, I’m already running late…  besides what am I going to do for him, surely no one would expect me to go so far as to take him to a doctor or the hospital… I’m sure it’s not as bad as it looks, it seldom is, I’ll look silly if I approach him and it turns out he’s really just fine… I wonder if I can see a policeman, they help out at times like this, perhaps I could get them to fix the guy up… I feel like I should be doing something, as Christian and all, but there are limits, and putting myself out there like that, well it just isn’t me – I live out my faith in other ways, my gifts fit better in other contexts, I reckon God must have someone else for this guy here…

Hang on, who’s that, what’s that guy doing? He’s bending down and trying to talk to the guy…asking if he’s alright, how he can help? He’s not from around here, with dark skin like that and such short frizzy hair he looks kind of African, from Somalia maybe. Wow, why is he getting involved? What’s it to him? He’s helping the guy up now…and calling on his phone, I can only guess he’s summoning some help. I wonder what he’s gonna do? Here comes a taxi now, that’s not gonna be cheap – this guy’s really sticking his neck out for a stranger… uhhh, hang on, is it a stranger, or is it a neighbour?

So what would The Good Samaritan story look like today? And what character would you and I play? In the original parable the story packed a punch because of its surprise element… no one expected the Samaritan to be a neighbour to a stranger, least of all a stranger of different ethnicity. What would such a surprise activity look like in our lives? What initiative could we take that would mirror the Samaritan’s… Actions that no one expects (except God) …actions that reach our across awkward and uncomfortable boundaries of culture and prejudice for the sake of love.

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