We’ve all heard or are aware of the phenomenon of our aging population. But what does that mean for reaching those with least access to the stories and people of Jesus?

There are two possible reactions. The first might be to bemoan the fact that there are less young people available to get involved. The second, WEC’s response, is to see the unique possibilities that such a demographic shift presents.

The Finishers Project in America says, “Boomers (people born between 1945 and 1960) are and will be the healthiest and best educated generation of empty-nesters ever. This generation is skilled and resourced with a multitude of talents.”

Another aspect of this generation and its stage of life is the desire to have more than just material success. Some sense that life is rushing by and they have not pursued their dreams and passions. This desire combined with skills and material resources, presents the opportunity to pursue a “second half” of significance and impact on our world.

Second Wind, a partner of WEC, was established in Australia in response to the potential of this generation. “Somewhere in our 40’s or 50’s we catch our second wind and want to do something more with the second half of our lives. Second Wind Network is here to help you make that move,” founders Lindsay and Barbara Fell said. Link to their page.

WEC New Zealand is actively involved with this new movement of God. Could you see yourself or someone you know utilising their skills, life experience and resources with the least-reached peoples of the world? Let’s explore the possibilities together.