The first thing the girl downstairs asked me was if I loved Justin Beiber! Believe it or not, on the surface, most Muslim young people look just like you and me. They listen to the same pop music and often dress and talk the same way. But in another sense they are so very different. For instance we’ve recently been told that our Bible is changed, untrustworthy, and that because we’re Christians we’re going to go to hell. I see thousands of men and women sincerely striving to do all that Islam asks. They hope that their good works are enough, all the while never knowing if they’ll get to heaven.

When I first arrived here, I never thought that I could get used to the call to prayer. Every morning, I was awoken from my blissful sleep to hear the mosque’s loudspeakers informing the Muslims it was time to pray. How much I disliked that call!

Nowadays I’ve become so used to hearing the call to prayer that I generally don’t notice it. But it’s the times that I do hear it that are special to me because it is a constant reminder of what God’s sent us here to do. No matter how similar people might seem to us they all need to hear about Jesus. So how about it youth… ready for a challenge?