Reaching Other Faiths2018-10-03T19:31:17+13:00

Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists…

These equipping workshops are for reaching people from any of the above faiths. The ideal would be to have approximately 3-4 hours. This could be two mid-week evenings or over part of a weekend. You decide what you can give us time wise and we’ll fit what we can accordingly. Each of these Glocal Workshops tends to have two parts.

Part One: It’s beginnings, main beliefs, worldview, practices, current worldwide status and trends. While we spice it up with various activities and multi-media, this part is more foundational and informational.

Part Two: Here’s where we get practical. What are some of the key obstacles or attractions to the gospel? How can this shape our message and foster lasting enjoyable relationships with such peoples? Topics vary a little for each religion but the Muslim, Me & God workshop provides a template of sorts below.

  1. Perspective: a powerful drama highlights problematic areas and issues from the point of view of a Muslim.
  2. Personal Preparation: what about ourselves is problematic & needing of transformation?
  3. Power Encounters: how the supernatural attracts Muslims to Christ?
  4. Prayer: how to pray for and with Muslims.
  5. Practical Helps: an holistic, felt needs based approach to compliment your ministry amongst Muslims.
  6. Proclamation: when sharing about Jesus where actually do we begin and what should we emphasize?
  7. Post-Conversion: what issues are there when a Muslim begins to follow Jesus?
  8. Do’s and Don’ts of Muslim evangelism…classic, practical stuff to be sensitive of.