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Other Possibilities

The 3 Overlapping Stories

Ever felt unqualified, inadequate or fearful about sharing Jesus with others? This Glocal Workshop isn’t about methods or memorisation, but rather a mindset within your relationships. In the overlapping of three stories; their story, our story and God’s, mission happens naturally. Yes, even cross-culturally.

It needs approximately 1-2 hours. The more time we have, the more we can engage in practical group activities. The main sections we cover are as follows:

  1. Why bother with stories? A biblical, missional and general foundation is explored.
  2. Their story: how learning from their journey, context and worldview helps us
  3. My story: discovering and talking about how and where Jesus shows up in my journey
  4. God’s story: God’s word as story/narrative.
  5. How these stories connect naturally with people around Jesus

CSI: Mission

This pacy, investigative, cross-cultural challenge is designed to introduce the concept of least-reached peoples to young people. Working in teams they complete creative cultural challenges (involving language, food and clothes) and gather evidence hidden in photos and puzzles to ultimately build up a ‘least reached people group profile.

CSI: Mission takes about 2 hours and is suitable for most youth groups. The session finishes with team prizes and a creative mission challenge.

Bringing Down the Walls

  1. Biblical teaching on praying for “least-reached” peoples
  2. Principles we can learn from historical prayer movements
  3. Practical “how to” prayer for these nations and peoples
  4. A country,region or people group profile, including fresh fuel and perspectives for prayer