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My Remarkable Neighbours

Connecting With The Unfamilar

Building bridges across different races and cultures often seems scary, yet if we really are going to “love our neighbour” we need a fresh level of mutual understanding.

This is our most popular workshop. The three sections each take between 30 and 60 minutes. We can work with you, putting together a program which will help your church love and relate to people of other races and cultures.”

  1. Exploring Culture & Worldview’:We look at New Zealand’s changing cultural context, then explore concepts like worldview, form and meaning, honour and shame
  2. How do forms (the outward stuff) and meanings (the interpretations) change across cultures?
  3. Cultural Distinctions | Worldview Comparisons’:We highlight some more important criteria that can help us understand how to communicate more effectively with people from different cultures.
  4. ‘Culture and the Gospel’: We look at how the gospel is lived out in different cultures. How can we build bridges in order that people from other cultures might see the Gospel as not being foreign? How can we gather people into groups we call churches that are both biblically and culturally appropriate?.