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My Neighbours are Weird

Building bridges across different races and cultures often seems scary, yet if we really are going to “love our neighbour” we need a fresh level of mutual understanding.

Building on these 4 modules (up to 45 mins each) we can work with you, putting together a program which will help your church love and relate to people of other races and cultures.”

  1. Exploring Culture & Worldview’: With rapidly changing demographics, what does worldview look like in NZ, and beyond?
  2. How do forms (the outward stuff) and meanings (the interpretations) change across cultures?
  3. ‘Beyond Mars & Venus | Worldview Comparisons’: Exploring 6 key differences between Eastern and Western cultures, and having fun with “hot” and “cold” cultures.
  4. ‘Culture and the Gospel’: Just what is involved (issues and principles) with sharing the gospel across cultures? Including an activity looking at “tribes” and subcultures in NZ.