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Making the Indian Connection

NZ continues to trend towards greater ethnic and religious diversity.  Significant Chinese, Indian, Korean and Filipino communities bear witness to this fact. Many overcome huge hurdles and show enormous courage to get here.  Pause for [...]

Don’t Forget the Hindus!

Patrick Johnstone, former editor of Operation World, once stated, “The Gangetic Plain of North India is the touchstone of our success or failure in completing the task of world evangelisation.” How are we doing? Not [...]

TCK Life on the Flipside

I’m part Kiwi, part Italian and British, have Dutch grandparents, was born in New Zealand, grew up in Turkey, and came out with a hard to place accent. I grew up among worlds; I’ve become [...]

Becoming Something New

In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States.  It would become one of the deadliest and costliest natural disasters in America’s history.  Several hours away, Hamilton pastor Campbell Forlong had [...]

Japan: What do they believe?

As Japan continues to replace one Prime Minister after another, there is at least one constant – the increasing input of Shinto and nationalism into the schools. At the beginning of this year there was [...]

Iran – Harvest Time

At the beginning of 2012, a Muslim family starting watching Christian satellite TV broadcasts.They immediately began email correspondence with the outreach ministry, asking questions about what they had seen, about Jesus and God’s word. A [...]

Walk Like a Man

...I’m staying on the wrong side of a 10 lane motorway with no mediums or pedestrian crossings. This means I pray every morning as I cross this street to get to work. Here the drivers’ [...]

Trekking in South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful land of stark contrasts. I had the privilege of spending a month of summer in a little town in KwaZulu-Natal. But that was barely enough time to soak it up. [...]

Thai Prison No Problem to God

Kiwi Alan Collingwood and his team in Thailand were granted special permission to have a baptism service for 16 men in prison. Many guards and prisoners watched the ceremony with great curiosity, particularly as the [...]

The Power of Listening – Syria

When it can, life goes on in Syria “Come tell me your trouble,I’m not your answer, but I am a listening ear” Brooke Fraser’s opening lines from the song ‘flags’ echoes the feelings of one [...]

To Escape or Engage?

Fiesta time in northern Spain means four days of super-loud concerts and raucous, drunken parties. We usually make a point of bundling up the kids and escaping the neighbourhood. This year however, as part of [...]

Packing a Surprise Punch

A young Kiwi guy has taken a beating and is sitting dazed by the kerb. It’s easy to walk passed, after all, everyone else is. I look at my watch...I haven’t got time anyway, I’m [...]

Community the Key to growth in the Middle East

Abdul became a Christian while studying in a country outside the Middle East. He returned to his Muslim family a year later, but began to doubt. “I wanted to make sense of my faith with [...]

Over 50 you are not finished yet

We’ve all heard or are aware of the phenomenon of our aging population. But what does that mean for reaching those with least access to the stories and people of Jesus? There are two possible [...]


The authorities stamped 'expelled' on her passport. But a worker in Asia still clung to God's promises. 'This sickness will not end in death…' During a time of harassment by the authorities, these were comforting [...]

Creative Arts Ministry Expanding

Mexican food may well be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word TACO, however in this case its meaning is quite something else! Turkey AfriAsia Creative Outreach is a collaborative [...]

All Creation holds its breath

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me...” I have often thought that if you read the whole Bible as one long story then this would be the climax. Jesus is suddenly gripped [...]

The Truth on Chinese Minorities

China officially has 55 minority peoples. However,this figure doesn’t bear any resemblance to the actual facts. The current best count of China’s minorities compiled in Paul Hattaway’s Operation China is perhaps 490 different groups encompassing [...]

Raising Kids by Faith

“Are you taking your kids with you?”  It was a question which, though we were asked it several times, never ceased to surprise us. Of course we were! No, the place we were going to [...]

Dramatic Flight In Chad

A wonderful display of fireworks on New Year’s Eve was new for the people of Abeche, Chad. Sadly, many cowered under beds afraid that the rebels were attacking again. In February a fresh outbreak of [...]

Cambodian Slum Stories Cause Inspiring Response

While Slumdog Millionaire celebrated the underdog within the slums of Mumbai, half a world away, a teenage boy was responding to miraculous stories of God at work in the slums of Cambodia.  Tim Paton, of [...]

One Child at a Time

Where would you start with statistics like these?  Cambodia has the highest rate of child abandonment in South-East Asia. There are over 300, 000 disabled persons, ten percent of which are victims of landmines.  One [...]

A Major restoration project in Betel

Sometimes the physical world around us reflects spiritual realities in our lives. For the Betel work in Nottingham, England, the massive renovation of an old building for use as a new church, offices, and accommodation, [...]

My Muslim Neighbour Loves Justin Beiber!

The first thing the girl downstairs asked me was if I loved Justin Beiber! Believe it or not, on the surface, most Muslim young people look just like you and me. They listen to the [...]

Storytelling breakthroughs amongst Bedouins

“God cannot have a son! Everyone knows this is blasphemy!” I left my friend’s house in a hurry, struggling to hold back the tears. For years it had been like this. We were living with [...]