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What colour is God?

What language does He speak? It’s both funny and scary how we caricature a native English speaking God in our own image. Unfortunately it can then be a short step to presenting a God who [...]

The Priority of the Back Rows

A Norwegian evangelist once adjusted the “loaves and fishes” story like this: Imagine Jesus fills the disciple’s baskets, and they start distributing food to the first few rows. By row four the baskets are empty, [...]

Maori Voice and Contribution Needed

New Zealand is at an important identity crossroads as we commemorate 200 years since the first Gospel sermon on Christmas Day 1814. Failure to understand, or even remember, the back story does us all a [...]

Let the Nationals do it

Recent decades have witnessed explosive church growth across regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Many countries which used to receive missionaries have increasingly become senders of them. One curious by-product however, has been the [...]

A Whole Different Kettle of Kiwi

Look around most malls, schools or your own street and you’ll quickly recognise something - the DNA of a typical “Kiwi” has undergone a rapid cultural shift. No surprise there, but here’s a stat for [...]