Internship Possibilities



There are many internship options in the wide world of WEC.  We feel compelled though to highlight the following three – each gets our 5 star approval! Here’s an introduction from their websites.  Check them out, and if you feel that divine nudge, let us know and we’ll be in touch to help get you there!


Betel is Spanish for Bethel (House of God), a unique international church planting ministry dedicated to harmonising church life, residential living and charitable businesses to restore drug and alcohol dependent people to productive, independent lifestyles. Betel’s many residences host over 2300 men and women in over 100 urban areas in 23 countries…and counting!

Anywhere from 3-12 months, a Betel internship provides you with practical, hands-on discipleship training for a future in missions, social work or social justice.  Not for the faint-hearted, Betel offers you the opportunity to “be Jesus” in real life situations by living, working and worshipping alongside those whose broken lives are being restored. So, if you’re prepared to lay down your life to impact others, visit the website for more info here.

Taco InternshipTaco

“Taco’s mission is to creatively proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslim peoples everywhere. That’s it. That’s our three strand cord, our non-negotiables. We are uncompromising about Jesus. We are unshakeable in our love for Muslims and our desire to see them in the Kingdom. And we introduce the latter to the former by using the creative arts and by enabling and training others to do the same.”

While home base is Turkey, tours have extended across North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Balkans. Taco welcomes singles and marrieds who want to come longer than just a single tour but aren’t quite ready to sign away their lives on the dotted line yet! An internship could take many forms, but would fit perfectly into a ‘gap year,’ between careers, or a “dip your toe in” experience with the view to coming back longer.  Check out their website here, or get specific prayer fuel here.

Arts Release Internship 

Arts Release is a collective of creative arts specialists who love Jesus and people of other cultures. We enjoy expressing God’s love through various art forms. Some of us have professional arts training and others have picked up skills on the way. Some of us are full-time, others part-time. We are currently based in England, France and Germany.

Arts Release aim to train and mobilise people who are already gifted in arts such as music, drama, storytelling, dance and visual art for cross-cultural mission. Internship opportunities exist for skilled musicians, performers, researchers or songwriters. If you’re interested in combining cross-cultural (or multicultural) music and arts training with a field trip in the UK or elsewhere, then check out their website here.