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Learn and Train


To serve God in cross-cultural mission is both a huge privilege and one of the most challenging things anyone could undertake. All the more reason to not entertain short cuts in our training. There’s a great deal to be learnt from scripture, mission history and contemporary mission contexts. Why on earth would we risk glossing over or repeating mistakes of the past?

Each of us, as products of our own culture, must ask how we can best shape the essence of the gospel, and ourselves as cross-cultural messengers.  There’s a host of learning opportunities available, some may even be doable through your own church and neighbourhood.

This menu is designed to point you to reading resources and a range of proven cross-cultural training opportunities. Here at WEC we’re committed to the principle of being life-long learners – no matter how experienced we feel we may or may not be. Care to explore together what your best next training step could be?