I’ve recently returned from six months in S.E. Asia. It was a life changing experience for me as I met people from one of the poorest nations on the planet.  The cultural adjustments for me were huge – a new language, the heat, the traffic and the food all required changes from me.

jack-and-classSome highlights for me were: handing out blankets on a winter’s night to those for whom the streets are their home, travelling by over-crowded launch to my mission placement, and spontaneous conversations with locals curious to meet a foreigner. The best things though were the ongoing friendships formed with students and teachers from a variety of ethnic, social and religious backgrounds.

My role was essentially teaching English and a couple of other subjects, and I’d often play cricket with the boys that I shared a hostel with after school. The card I received from them on my last day, asking me when I will be returning, is now a treasured memento – and motivator to continue my journey in missions.

Jack is specialist NZ nurse who took the opportunity to explore mission with WEC. To further your journey in mission contact Jillian – treks@wecnz.org