Guilt – is that what prayer is?

by Patrick Johnstone… Operation World… 21st Century Edition

If you want to see churches planting churches planting churches until the whole earth is filled to overflowing with the wonder and excitement of God, you have to pray.

I knew there was a catch somewhere. I can see it now, endless nights of shopping-list prayers; burdens that never lift; guilt, guilt, guilt because I can never pray enough. Is that what prayer is, especially intercessory prayer?

Prayer is having a heart that beats in unison with God’s.

God has made each of us unique. If you think of a diamond, each facet can blaze with a completely different colour and intensity, yet together they display a constantly changing, wondrous reality which is sourced from one white light.

When my heart beats in sync with God’s, I sing or dance or create multimedia experiences. For a close friend of mine, praying is serving. For another friend, ecstasy and intimacy with God is found in quietness. For another, it is found in noisy conversation.

Let’s uncover the diamonds!

Let’s tap into God’s heart and let His glory blaze.

This is the kind of praying we need to foster if we want to see churches planted. Experiment with different ways of praying. Follow your (collective) heart as you get in touch with God’s heart.

When we teach about church planting among the unreached we stress the need for MEGA prayer. There are only two ways to ‘do’ mega-prayer:

  1.  getting mega numbers of people to pray, and
  2.  getting in heart-to-heart touch with our mega God.

Then His mega-heart can be expressed through us (Romans 8:26-27).

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