WEC is serving in a huge variety of church planting focused ministries and professions in over 70 countries. Many of our teams need people in a variety of roles.

Note: This is not a definitive list. Because we have many teams in very “sensitive” countries, we can’t openly write about these opportunities online. Also, on a more human level, if we tried to post everything we’d all have RSI! So if you can’t find what you’re hoping for, don’t lose heart, get in touch with us because we may well know of a place that could be just the right fit for you!

Teachers and other Professionals Needed!

There are a number of professions, like teachers, who are in constant need.  You’re in such demand that we could place 100 of you at any time! You may like to search the Opportunities PDF above for some possibilities.  Better yet, contact us to explore the full picture.