WEC Trek

Go Short-term


WEC Trek is the short-term mission program of WEC New Zealand. We partner with individuals and churches who wish to send their people overseas, anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years. Because our workers are serving in over 80 nations, there’s a huge range of opportunities to engage with God’s global purposes. Note: If you do not live in NZ contact the nearest WEC sending base for information about their short-term programme.

WEC Trek’s aim is to provide you with an opportunity to learn what is involved in sharing Christ cross-culturally, and to explore whether God is leading you towards longer-term involvement, near or far. We can provide everything from training, to mentors, to debriefing.

This could be for you if you…

  • want to learn how to have God’s mission at the core of your life
  • are thinking about cross-cultural ministry yourself
  • support a WEC worker and want to better grasp their world
  • are interested in learning about least access/reached peoples
  • are only able to utilize your professional skills for a defined period
  • need help in training people for cross-cultural ministries

WEC Trek’s flexible programme always seeks to find the best fit between people and placement. So what are you waiting for?

What’s Involved?

WEC Trek offers two main programs:

  1. Our individual programme offers individualized placements alongside experienced WEC workers. These placement opportunities are between three weeks to twelve months in length.
  2. Team opportunities exist for you to join a team of four to ten people (with an experienced team leader) assisting WEC workers in a variety of ministries around the world. Teams typically last between three to five weeks.

All Trekkers must have the following qualifications:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • have a servant heart
  • have a flexible attitude
  • have the necessary qualifications for their desired ministry


That depends on many factors. However, the typical process takes a minimum of three months. We process applications throughout the year. Processing your application and preparing to go overseas take a minimum of three months, but it can take around six months. It is important to enquire about possibilities early so as to avoid disappointment
Individual Treks offer placements from one to nine months alongside experienced WEC workers. Team Treks are usually three to five weeks and give you the chance of joining a group of four to ten people, with an experienced team leader, to assist WEC missionaries in a variety of ministries around the world.
Contact WEC Trek via phone, this web site and email. We try to respond promptly to enquiries.
Yes, we will ask for three addresses of referees, including one from your church leader.
All applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, a servant heart, flexible attitude, and the necessary qualifications for their desired ministry.
People of all ages. Many want to experience mission life in person and explore whether God is calling them to longer-term service abroad or missions involvement at home. Mature adults in good health are encouraged to apply.
All WEC Trekkers are responsible for their own financial support. Costs vary depending on location and length of stay and include: return ticket to country, insurance, board/lodging and internal travel, essential vaccinations, and cost of orientation and review. Sometimes language learning involves additional costs.
Living arrangements vary depending on the country. Typical accommodation includes living in the homes of WEC workers, of nationals or in guest houses.
This depends very much on where you are going, how long for, what you will be doing and if you already speak the language. On placement, where necessary, some time is often spent on language learning, either in a formal class setting or individually with a language helper. During orientation we give helpful advice on how to make the most of language learning opportunities.
For the individual programme, we provide a 2 to 4 day orientation course at our mission headquarters in Gordonton. Team Trekkers meet together for at least three days prior to departure for a similar programme and for team bonding. On return to NZ we review your Trek with you to ensure maximum benefit and to help you adjust back to life in NZ.
If you would like more information, complete the “Preliminary Profile Form”. We encourage you to pray and seek God’s leading for you in short-term missions.