Charles Dickens wrote about them and all of us have them, expectations that is. One New Zealand city even has had as its slogan, “More than you expect”. Can you guess which city?

When people want to join WEC, as part of their orientation, we look at what kinds of reasonable expectations a person can have for their first two to three years on the field. Things like; a good grasp of the language and culture, a satisfying ministry/role, positive team relationships, a broader understanding of what God is doing in your country of service.

So what is WEC looking for in its applicants?

WEC is looking for people who

  • show clear evidence of being born again by the Holy Spirit
  • show a sincere commitment to serve the Lord across cultures
  • demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and the ability to put biblical principles into practice in everyday life
  • have a recognized professional qualification and/or substantial experience in the workplace
  • are actively participating in the life of their church and frequently sharing their faith with others

As WEC partners with local churches we look for a strong recommendation from your home church. Applicants should be emotionally stable, and physically and mentally suited for the task for which they are applying. We want to see people go out who bring to life an acknowledgment of personal inadequacy and God’s sufficiency, and a compassionate awareness of human frailty in self and others. This enables us to not only survive but really grow when things don’t go as we expect.

Application Process

For applicants interested in joining WEC International, the four simple steps are:

  1. Contact the national office and arrange to meet with the Candidate Directors.
  2.  After a preliminary interview, they will provide you with application papers and relevant literature.
  3. Carefully and prayerfully read the WEC material, especially the “Principles and Practice”.
  4. If you agree with the aims, methods and doctrinal statement of WEC International, then submit your application papers.