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Steps to Long Term Involvement

Long term mission


Let’s imagine you feel God is calling you to serve him cross culturally. We always recommend long-termers join an experienced agency to partner with (ask us why). But what next? What would the steps look like to join WEC?

For a start, we’d encourage you to share this with influential people in your life, especially your church leaders. We’d explore the options together, and pencil in some possibilities of how you can prepare to be more involved in the mission of God.

All the while you’d be active in your church, growing in maturity and cross-cultural ministry experience. There are loads of ways of getting involved across cultures – locally and globally. At some point it will be important to take time out to study the Bible and missions, full or part-time. Whatever the agreed upon personal plan, WEC reps will walk alongside you during this process, and develop the partnership with your church.

There’s many organisations, each with their own focus, practices and “feel.” It’s important to get a “good fit” for all concerned. So our Candidate Directors would meet with you, and all going well, with the full endorsement of your church, you’d apply for our 12 week orientation course. Upon completion, if you, your church and WEC are in agreement, you go about any final preparations before joining a WEC team.

Next Steps

So What's Next?

Need help regarding how to determine God's will for you in mission?
We trust this valuable tool will answer a bundle of your questions.
Next Steps

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