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Church partnerships

Church Partnerships


It’s God’s design and intention that His whole church functions as a Body. It is our experience and belief that where missionaries, local churches and mission agencies work together in true partnership, blessing and greater fruitfulness awaits. He longs to use His whole church to reach all peoples.

WEC NZ is part of the church and is a church-centred organisation. We believe that the local church is the sending community and therefore we seek to work with the local church leaders from the beginning of any and every relationship. Our function is to work alongside church leadership to ensure that workers are sufficiently screened, equipped, sent and supported.

Is your church looking to move forward in cross-cultural ministry? WEC NZ is in a good position to serve you well in these areas. In what could well be the last chapters of God’s story on planet earth, let’s join with Him and work together towards his awesome return. Check out ‘What can WEC do for you?’ below for an overview of how WEC is currently serving and partnering with NZ churches, or contact us with questions as to how we can partner in the task of taking the gospel to the nations.

Strategic Partnership with Mission World

Mission World is a department of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society, whose mandate is to enable the Baptist churches of New Zealand to fulfil the Great Commission anywhere in the world that God directs. Mission World has partnered with several agencies such as ourselves to inspire, resource and mobilise NZ Baptists to reach the world.  It’s a privilege for us to be able to serve the Baptist churches of New Zealand in this way.

What can WEC do for you?

At WEC we believe that it is God’s intention that the whole church functions as a body. Here are some of the areas where we can serve and partner with you, as you fulfil the mission that God has placed on your heart.


We’d love to walk alongside and advise or assist your church or mission team in cross-cultural ministry, particularly among least-reached peoples. This could be anything from a one-off Glocal Workshop to long-term partnerships. Do you need help in developing or expressing your mission heart? Check out our range of workshops here.

  • Catalysts
    We love to get alongside individuals, small groups or entire churches to help inspire, cultivate and challenge towards a cross-cultural ministry. WEC staff and missionaries are regularly speaking at churches, small groups, youth groups, conferences and camps. We see ourselves as advocates for those peoples that are most overlooked and distant from the gospel. Care to invite us to your gathering?
  • Connectors
    The world is a dynamic web of intersecting relationships. New conversations and partnerships are developing every day.  Whether it be through Facebook, e-learning communities, or the humble telephone we’re keen to help connect people, projects and conversations. If we can’t help you directly, we’ll do our best to suggest who can.
  • Cross-cultural trainers
    Local or global, short or long-term – if you’re serious about serving effectively across cultures then we have a range of training possibilities from church-based Glocal workshops right through to NZQA accredited courses at Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies.
  • Global eyes
    WEC has teams on every continent (except Antarctica!), so while we don’t know everything about everywhere we can usually find answers to your searching questions, help your church see the inside trends, exciting opportunities and potential dangers as you get more involved in mission.
  • Logistics
    With over 100 years of experience across many parts of the world, WEC is an invaluable resource for issues relating to passports, visas, work platforms, laws, and language and culture learning.  As hard as it is to believe, Google still has its limitations when it comes to “insider” knowledge.
  • Member care
    We’re committed to helping WECers serve well, for as long as they feel God is asking them to be there. Whether it is practical, professional, emotional, financial, educational or another word ending in ‘al’, WEC have experienced people, processes and resources that you and your church may benefit from.
  • Mentors
    Our team have had experience in a number of cross-cultural ministry contexts and we’re keen to make this experience available. Not sure of next-step options or just in need of a sounding board? Maybe we can walk this missional journey together.
  • Prayer mobilisers
    Prayer is our first priority and the basis of every other WEC activity. We believe it is an essential part of world evangelisation. We can supply you church or group with fresh fuel, quality resources and specific information to mobilise and enliven prayer for a place, people group or project. A dream is to have every NZ church praying for a least-reached people group.  Can we fuel you or your church as you get more involved prayerfully?
  • Resources
    Our team continues to create and collate resources for cross-cultural mission. We have an ever increasing range of specialist DVD’s, books, Bible Studies, PowerPoints and the like, many of which are available for purchase or borrowing.
  • Short term mission facilitators
    WEC Trek is our short-term missions arm. We facilitate individuals and small teams to build into the long-term work of multicultural teams in least-reached areas. WEC can handle any aspect or the entire process, from orientation to post-Trek mentoring. We regularly assist churches in their own short-term initiatives too and always seek to develop a life-long missional focus in every goer.