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Supporting Projects

Supporting Projects


Sometimes people contact us and, rather than supporting a person or family, they wish to give to a project or a general need. If that’s you, there are a range of possibilities within New Zealand and overseas.

New Zealand

WEC does not shave large percentages off a missionary’s support to fund the National Office.  We trust God likewise to provide  for our office’s expenses and all our local ministries and services.  Through his people God has wonderfully provided us with a multi-functional facility in Gordonton (just north of Hamilton).  It’s the hub for all our short and long-term orientation programmes, mobilising, member care, prayer and finance offices.   From this facility we also serve the New Zealand Church in a number of ways.

To support any of these ministries or the NZ General fund, simply click the donations form on the right, complete the form and select your payment method.


Our International Office has a list of larger approved projects submitted by various WEC teams.  Details can’t be publicised online, but places range from Africa to the Middle East, from Asia to the Amazon.  A number include facilities that workers believe would greatly increase capacity and fruitfulness.  Examples include:

  • vocational and educational centres
  • biblical or radio ministry training centres
  • health and social work facilities
  • drug and alcohol abuse centres
  • children in crisis facilities
  • media and internet projects

Should partnering with any of these scenarios interest you or your church, please be in contact with our Director or Finance Office.  They’ll be more than happy to answer questions, fill in the gaps and join the dots.