One of the amazing ways people have decided to bless our organisation is by leaving a lasting gift for WEC in their will.  Many WEC personnel have left such a gift for the mission upon their death, but this is open for anyone to do.  It is possible to state a particular sum as a gift, or alternatively to bequeath a specific portion of your estate.

Should you feel so inclined, here is a suitable form of bequest:

I give, devise and bequeath the sum of $_____ (or a percentage of my estate) to WEC Aotearoa New Zealand for it's general purposes, and I direct that the receipt of the Director or Treasurer of WEC Aotearoa New Zealand shall be a sufficient discharge to my executor(s) for this gift.

It is possible to make a change to your will by codicil, or any person can make a new will at any time. There are however, strict rules about signing of wills and codicils that must be adhered to. Consequently, we recommend you seek independent legal advice about making such a legacy, and consider carefully your individual and family circumstances before doing so.  Feel free to contact us and speak with our Director should you have any questions to discuss.