Faith & Finances

WEC NZ Finance


No exaggeration, WEC International is different.  We are what used to be known as a “faith mission”. We trust God for our support and his provision for all our facilities, branch offices, ministries and staff – both here and overseas.  Notwithstanding tentmakers or those in missional business, all WEC workers are full or part-time volunteers.  Furthermore WEC makes no public appeals for funds, nor is any standard percentage shaved from what is given for administrative or home-end costs.  Instead, if the missionary gives the ok, we make a minimal deduction from their support for administration costs such as the overseas telegraphic transfer.

If you would like to know more about our financial practices, or how to support a WEC missionary or project, see the pages under Finance.  If you have any further questions, please contact us. If you would like to make a donation to WEC, please select the donation image to the right.


  • Christ is worthy of our absolute trust.
  • We know that as we seek first Christ and his Kingdom we will have all we need to honour and serve him.
  • We acknowledge that God provides for his servants in a multitude of ways, using whatever form, manner or time he may choose.
  • We recognise that the attitude of our hearts is of ultimate importance in God’s eyes.  Therefore, in relation to our material needs, we desire for our lives to be marked by:
    – fervent and consistent prayer
    – effective communication without a focus on or appeal for funds
    – a sensitivity to the Spirit to discern God’s specific ways
    – a willingness to live simply and sacrificially, being content and thankful in testimony
    – good stewardship of his resources
    – liberal generosity
    – integrity, transparency and accountability
  • God directs our ministry, often challenging us to bold faith.  Finances may be part of the circumstances through which God guides us, but it is God’s hand at work in us which ultimately determines our ministry.
  • We have sensed God’s call on us as a fellowship to follow financial practices that express that Christ is worthy of our trust for the practical realities of our lives, even today.
  • We affirm the freedom the Holy Spirit gives us as we apply these principles in our varied cultural and legal contexts.