Mexican food may well be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word TACO, however in this case its meaning is quite something else! Turkey AfriAsia Creative Outreach is a collaborative creative arts ministry, of which Kiwi WECers Andy and Jo are now an integral part.

TACO is currently involved in several Muslim countries. With fresh innovation they seek to use creative expressions of outreach to communicate the Gospel anywhere they finds an open door. In many cases this is music, however TACO alsoa utilises dance, drama, mime, even unicyclists and illusionists as a medium to draw people to the message of Jesus.

More recently TACO realised a vision that they had been looking towards for a number of years. They organised a country’s first ever indigenous worship and arts camp. Jo says, “Having seen the need for training in this area, it was a project that was very close to my heart. It was great to see 37 believers gather from around this large unreached nation.”

Being a new initiative no one knew quite how things would go. Expectations however, were exceeded as evidenced by one national believer’s comment, “I expected to attend a camp run by foreigners but all the speakers were nationals. This encouraged me unbelievably. Every day our foreign brothers and sisters served us faithfully and with humility. It was one of the best organised events I have seen. The spirit of worship among the believers gave me great encouragement and hope for our country. You have given our future leaders a wonderful vision and you have contributed a great deal to their ministry. Thank you.”