Making the Indian Connection

NZ continues to trend towards greater ethnic and religious diversity.  Significant Chinese, Indian, Korean and Filipino communities bear witness to this fact. Many overcome huge hurdles and show enormous courage to get here.  Pause for a moment and think what it might feel like to make NZ home. How can we relate to people of [...]

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Don’t Forget the Hindus!

Patrick Johnstone, former editor of Operation World, once stated, “The Gangetic Plain of North India is the touchstone of our success or failure in completing the task of world evangelisation.” How are we doing? Not that well, it seems. Operation World states India has more unreached individuals than any other nation. The four northern states [...]

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TCK Life on the Flipside

I’m part Kiwi, part Italian and British, have Dutch grandparents, was born in New Zealand, grew up in Turkey, and came out with a hard to place accent. I grew up among worlds; I’ve become a nomad. I’m a Third Culture Kid (TCK). A TCK is someone who’s spent a significant part of their childhood [...]

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Becoming Something New

In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States.  It would become one of the deadliest and costliest natural disasters in America’s history.  Several hours away, Hamilton pastor Campbell Forlong had just arrived in Texas for a four-month sabbatical.  Little did he know how God would use this tragedy to shape [...]

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A Forward Facing Legacy

Northeast India comprises of Seven Sister States.  Welsh missionaries first arrived in the state of Mizoram in 1840. By 2006, 80% of the state’s population were Christians.  Missionaries from Mizoram are now missionaries in Wales! Operation World notes that, ‘recent awakenings and revivals have dynamised the church and society.’ Over 2000 missionaries have been raised [...]

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Japan: What do they believe?

As Japan continues to replace one Prime Minister after another, there is at least one constant – the increasing input of Shinto and nationalism into the schools. At the beginning of this year there was a meeting of all teachers in each district to be told that Shinto myths have now to be taught to [...]

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Iran – Harvest Time

At the beginning of 2012, a Muslim family starting watching Christian satellite TV broadcasts.They immediately began email correspondence with the outreach ministry, asking questions about what they had seen, about Jesus and God’s word. A week later, the family recorded their voices and sent an audio file to the outreach ministry. The family wanted to [...]

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100 years before Bear Grylls

2013 was the year WEC reached the milestone of turning 100. From its beginning, WEC has remained faithful to the Lord’s commission to preach the gospel “to the ends of the earth”. Today, with the job not yet finished, 2000 workers in 70 nations continue with this same purpose. Looking back though, what was it [...]

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“Christ wants not nibblers of the possible, but grabbers of the impossible.” – C.T. Studd

On the sixteenth of October, 1913, in the very heart of Africa (Belgian Congo) C.T. Studd baptised twelve people. The World Evangelism Crusade missionary society, as it was then called, took its first steps. Shortly after this he and his wife returned to England due to her serious illness. CT went back to the Congo [...]

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Walk Like a Man

...I’m staying on the wrong side of a 10 lane motorway with no mediums or pedestrian crossings. This means I pray every morning as I cross this street to get to work. Here the drivers’ first instinct when you run in front of them is to honk rather than brake or swerve. My first attempt [...]

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