World Changing Prayer

“Ask of me and I will give the nations for your inheritance and the ends of the earth for your possession.” (Psalm 2:8) God used these words to confirm his call to Patrick Johnston. Just as the Father challenged the Son to pray for and claim the nations, so Jesus in turn bequeathed that challenge [...]

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Prayer and World Evangelisation

An excerpt taken from the 21st Century Edition of Operation World... How can we weak, frail, puny creatures speak to our omnipotent Creator to make a difference to our world?  It is a breath-taking mystery. A picture comes to mind of a strange European custom at the launch of a ship. Some VIP  is invited [...]

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Guilt – is that what prayer is?

by Patrick Johnstone... Operation World... 21st Century Edition If you want to see churches planting churches planting churches until the whole earth is filled to overflowing with the wonder and excitement of God, you have to pray. I knew there was a catch somewhere. I can see it now, endless nights of shopping-list prayers; burdens [...]

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How to pray for missionaries

by Evelyn Hibbert and first published in the Worldwide magazine It may help you as you come to pray to remember that missionaries are not very different from you or anyone else you know.  In spite of the tendency to lift missionaries onto a pedestal, anyone who knows them personally will confirm their shared humanness… [...]

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