While Slumdog Millionaire celebrated the underdog within the slums of Mumbai, half a world away, a teenage boy was responding to miraculous stories of God at work in the slums of Cambodia.  Tim Paton, of WEC’s Bridge of Hope ministry, recently received an inspiring email from an overseas family he had visited and shared with last year.

The mother, writing of her oldest son’s response, said “Zach wants to be both a zoologist and a missionary to children – planning to have an orphanage and a zoo side-by side!  Recently we went shopping for slippers.  We found pairs for his brothers, but Zach’s were going to cost $10.  We put them in the trolley, but I could tell something was bothering Zach.”

“We continued our shopping, but as we passed the shoe aisle again on our way to pay, Zach took his slippers from the trolley and hung them back on the rack.  I asked him what he was doing.  He told me that it bothered him to buy slippers for himself when he could take a street child off the street for one whole week with that same money.  He said that he had told God “If you want me to put the slippers back and send that money to Cambodia, just lead Mum to walk by the aisle where we got them again.”  When I took that route to the registers, he put them back.”

“Despite his brothers wearing their slippers around the house, he hasn’t said a word about it.  He just said, “I can wear socks to keep my feet warm.”

“He then began collecting every cent he could find to send to Cambodia, emptying his own account and gathering donations from others. You should have seen the thrill on his face when he later sent $70.00 to WEC Cambodia.”  It is amazing what God can do with a willing underdog.