Bethany – more than an O.E.

I arrived home in August 2014 from a year studying at Capernwray Hall in England, followed by a month in Kenya and a month in the Philippines.  I didn’t know what the next step was, but I knew God had placed cross cultural mission on my heart.  After testing the waters in several places, I talked to WEC about an opportunity they were advertising to mobilise young people for cross cultural mission in the UK. I heard God saying to me, “If you go to somewhere unreached, that’s excellent; one you, serving me where the need is great.  But, what if you could inspire and encourage fifty more young people to do exactly the same thing?” From that moment on I caught a passion to do just that.

Since arriving in England in June 2015, I’ve been meeting young people through camps and conferences. I’m feeling so encouraged! Many people I’ve met have a burning desire to serve the Lord with all that they are.  Looking ahead I’ll be going into universities and schools, encouraging people to become involved in cross cultural ministry, on campus and abroad.

God is continually revealing His heart for the nations to me. I pray He will use what I say to impassion the hearts of my generation.  I’m trusting many will answer the call to go and tell precious people of a God who loves them.  Every day, all over this beautiful and diverse world, people suffer and die without knowing their Saviour.  My prayer is that this reality will break the hearts of my generation and that we will rise up and go; bold and unafraid, Christ in and with us, to fulfil his call upon our lives. God doesn’t need us to do this for Him, but He wants us to be a part of His story.  He invites us to step out of ourselves; our ordinary, comfortable lives, so that He may use us to do extraordinary things for Him.

I’ve found, the more I step out for God, the more I begin to hear what He is saying to me, through His word and through prayer. I’m beginning to see changes in myself that can only be Him in me, and it’s wonderful. In the world’s eyes, I’m a strange, 24 year old Kiwi girl with not much to qualify her for success.  Although my CV is not flash, God takes what I offer and in return gives me this opportunity to be part of His story.

My take on Mark 10:29-30, verses that challenge and encourage me, is that anything we might give up for God is nothing to compare to what we gain.  History has proven this to be true and I’m certain it will be for you too, if you courageously step forward.  What might the future hold for you?

Bethany hails from Timaru, enjoys music and embracing the British lifestyle while there. She’s serving the WEC UK team for 18 months, mobilising young adults for mission.

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