At times I struggle with a lack of fruitfulness in my ministry and even question what my family and I are doing here in the Middle East. But when someone like Nan, a recently baptized new believer, so dramatically turns to him, I’m refreshed in my spirit again and feel able to carry on.  Interestingly, when I first met her I confess I didn’t like her at all. She was very hard and abrupt. The woman we see before us now however is a warm loving individual.  That’s transformation.


Since her baptism Nan has been able to share with many people around her.  She gives away quite a few New Testaments, and amazingly they are received only on the condition that they promise to read them.  Her neighbours have come to her for help in solving marriage issues and she does so with reference to the “Five Love Languages” book and the Scriptures. She received these through some outreaches we ran several months back where people flocked to hear about biblical principles for healthy marriage. Remarkably even a covered woman, who showed a great deal of antagonism to Nan’s new faith, later came and asked her for a New Testament. She too is now reading this and loves it.


Recently Nan went through a period of being accused of many terrible things by her family.  Such intimidation is not at all uncommon here.  In fact many go on to lose their reputation, their family, their job, sometimes even worse.  Her nephew was struck by how different her response was compared with the past.  He asked her what on earth had happened to her that she could remain so calm in the face of the accusations that were being thrown her way. To this she shared the gospel! We are so impressed by her courageous witness and pray that she will continue to be able to stand firm, despite the increasing pressure to return to the fold of Islam. 


Meanwhile God continues to challenge me to press on.  He has given us and the team here a big vision for the peoples of this city and beyond.  We have seen many dramatic changes in Nan’s life since we first met her.  What a timely reminder of his power and the worth of perseverance. 

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