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Making the Indian Connection

NZ continues to trend towards greater ethnic and religious diversity.  Significant Chinese, Indian, Korean and Filipino communities bear witness to this fact. Many overcome huge hurdles and show enormous courage to get here.  Pause for a moment and think what it might feel like to make NZ home. How can we relate to people of [...]

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Jack’s Journey to S.E.A.

I’ve recently returned from six months in S.E. Asia. It was a life changing experience for me as I met people from one of the poorest nations on the planet.  The cultural adjustments for me were huge – a new language, the heat, the traffic and the food all required changes from me. Some highlights [...]

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Don’t Forget the Hindus!

Patrick Johnstone, former editor of Operation World, once stated, “The Gangetic Plain of North India is the touchstone of our success or failure in completing the task of world evangelisation.” How are we doing? Not that well, it seems. Operation World states India has more unreached individuals than any other nation. The four northern states [...]

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TCK Life on the Flipside

I’m part Kiwi, part Italian and British, have Dutch grandparents, was born in New Zealand, grew up in Turkey, and came out with a hard to place accent. I grew up among worlds; I’ve become a nomad. I’m a Third Culture Kid (TCK). A TCK is someone who’s spent a significant part of their childhood [...]

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Equipping the Called

What makes people rearrange their lives to study at a place like Eastwest College? We asked two Kiwi families to share why they made the step, and why they’re going back for more! Andrew & Raewyn's Story Planning for long term missions service usually follows a familiar pattern - Bible and mission training, discernment, joining [...]

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Stop Sending Them!

“Stop sending them! Stop sending under-qualified missionaries!”  This is the vociferous appeal made in the blog by Steve Jennings, a missionary to the Middle East. Have we sent too many missionaries?  Are the workers too many and the harvest not so plentiful after all?  No.  Steve’s concern is not that we are sending too many [...]

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Sending Them Well

The need for missionary agencies to send out well prepared workers was brought home to me during my first year working in Central Asia.  A fellow worker had faced a choice between an organisation requiring a four month orientation to ensure she was ready for the field, and another which required only a week.  Keen [...]

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Becoming Something New

In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States.  It would become one of the deadliest and costliest natural disasters in America’s history.  Several hours away, Hamilton pastor Campbell Forlong had just arrived in Texas for a four-month sabbatical.  Little did he know how God would use this tragedy to shape [...]

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World Changing Prayer

“Ask of me and I will give the nations for your inheritance and the ends of the earth for your possession.” (Psalm 2:8) God used these words to confirm his call to Patrick Johnston. Just as the Father challenged the Son to pray for and claim the nations, so Jesus in turn bequeathed that challenge [...]

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A Forward Facing Legacy

Northeast India comprises of Seven Sister States.  Welsh missionaries first arrived in the state of Mizoram in 1840. By 2006, 80% of the state’s population were Christians.  Missionaries from Mizoram are now missionaries in Wales! Operation World notes that, ‘recent awakenings and revivals have dynamised the church and society.’ Over 2000 missionaries have been raised [...]

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