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Specialised Ministries

Specialised Ministries


Alongside our “bread an butter” of Reaching People and Planting Churches, WEC has founded a number of unique ministries.  Each of these specialist ministries have an international scope and carry the same WEC DNA. There’s much to benefit from or link in with here. Why not check them out, and let us know if we can help join the dots for you and your church.

Copies of Operation World or Geared for Growth studies can be ordered from WEC NZ.

WEC also cooperates with several unique mission training centres around the world. Designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills and character, these colleges provide holistic training for effective cross-cultural service.

Schools for Missionary Kids

Many of WEC’s missionary families depend on specialist schools which have a vital role in the care and nuture of the children of workers.  We partner with a number of MK or international schools, in additon to the following two WEC schools.