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Reaching people

Reaching People


WEC’s primary goal has always been seeing churches established where Christ was previously unknown. To this end WEC workers are engaged in many different styles of work, often in hard-to-reach places.

WEC wants to see churches where there are none – to that end our primary focus is evangelism and church planting among the ‘unreached’. Almost one third of the world have very little access to the stories of Jesus. They have never seen a group of God’s people. What are their questions, needs and issues? What will it take to see people come to Christ and then become a community of His people where they are? What will a Christian community look like in that context? How can we nurture the development of a church that truly belongs in this new setting?

These are the questions that stimulate and stir us as we wonder what it’s going to take to see a church planted HERE…wherever HERE happens to be. In dependence upon God we pray, we plan and we work with this vision ever before us. That is what we’re about, that is what we want to see.

WEC’s agenda is often different to local church planting initiatives because of our focus on those people and places with little or no access to the gospel. We also work specifically to plant churches that do not look and/or feel out of place in their new setting though they may look and feel very foreign to your average Kiwi Christian.