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Mobilising for Mission

MObilising for mission


Mobilising is an “in house” mission term that can be easily misunderstood. Dictionary definitions contain helpful phrases like:

  • to call or bring people together for a purpose
  • to prepare and ready people for action or active service
  • to encourage motion in pursuit of an important objective

For us, mobilising is most often characterised by promoting, resourcing, training and recruiting for mission. Alongside “Reaching People” and “Planting Churches,” it’s always been one of our three core aims.

We take our mobilising role very seriously. Many of those with least access to the gospel are the world’s poorest, most resistant or forgotten peoples. Sadly only a tiny percentage of the church’s resources and personnel focus on these peoples. Consequently many of our teams are crying out for extra support and fresh recruits. WEC seeks to redress this imbalance, by mobilising people, churches and resources to serve the least and the last, first!

An essential part of our calling then is to advocate for mission among least-reached peoples -wherever they’re found. Why not invite us to speak at your church, home or youth group? We also encourage you to check out the other menus here. Maybe there’s a resource or training option, or even an opportunity to serve overseas that interests you. Bother us! We love to help people and churches join God in his mission – it’s what we do!