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Missional Business

Missional business is exactly what it says on the label, true business and true mission. Missional businesses are authentic businesses that operate by the principals and values of the Kingdom of God, aim to be profitable and self-sustaining, and have a clear intention to extend the Kingdom of God where they operate.

So why do Missional Business?

It’s much more than a credible “platform” for being in a country. It provides a natural basis upon which to build relationships and share life with people. It offers dignity and employment for those caught in the cycle of poverty or in destructive lifestyles. It gives something tangible, and builds a positive testimony in communities hostile to Christians and Christianity.  It can also offer a launching pad for scenarios where home church support may not be an option.  Let’s be honest. In some places being a business person or professional (see below) may be the only way to operate.

That said, Missional Business is by no means without it’s challenges.  It needs to be well managed, provide excellent customer service, and survive and thrive in a competitive and often corrupt marketplace.  Not an easy call.

Let’s Talk Shop!

WEC is looking to recruit and train people who have the management and/or technical skills necessary to succeed in business.  We need short-termers who can help train and mentor teams on the field, and longer-termers who are willing to invest into starting missional businesses.  If that’s you, contact us.  One of our mobilisers will be happy to help.  Better yet, we have our very own Business Consultancy Group who would love to meet you and talk shop!

Professionals Needed!

Multiple global shifts have contributed to a much changed mission landscape, in turn creating fresh pathways for mission involvement.  We believe that God is raising up a new generation of professionals who will be vitally involved in fulfilling the Great Commission. Many new missionaries (short and long term) work among the least-reached as teachers, health professionals, engineers, computer techs, construction workers, social workers, administrators, consultants and so it goes on. They aren’t seen as a menace to their host culture, but rather as contributors and allies. They often have open doors and natural opportunities where a “traditional missionary” would not.

What about you?

Do you have a passion for your profession? Do you want to combine it with your calling as a world-Christian? If so, putting your professional skills to use in a mission context might just be for you.  Serving as a professional in a multi-cultural mission team, in some of the most inhospitable environments, provides many challenges.  We all need training and support.  WEC USA have their very own marketplace mentoring programme for businesspeople and professionals. You can check out their clip alongside. Here in NZ we’re not quite geared up for that yet.  But we can prepare you to meet those challenges with confidence.  God has been helping and equipping WEC to do this for the last 100 years.

Explore some of the many opportunities available on our Opportunities page.  Then contact us and we can get to know each other better as we discuss the possibilities together.