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What WEC Does

What WEC Does


WEC has always been a pioneer mission which exists to do three primary things:

  • Reaching People
    Sharing Jesus among people groups that have little to no access to the gospel.
  • Planting Churches
    Gathering believers into new faith communities where they can experience the joys and calling of becoming his devoted followers together.
  • Mobilising for Mission
    Motivating and equipping churches (including the ones we plant) to send missionaries, and join with God in making disciples of all nations.

For one important reason: to help fill the entire world with people who know, love, worship and obey him with the totality of their lives.

To this end WEC workers are engaged in many different styles of work, often in hard-to-reach and resistant places. The following ministries are examples of the many and varied activities which contribute in vital ways to our three core purposes above.

Evangelism | Discipleship | Church Planting | Tentmaking | Missional Business | Theological Education | Leadership Training | Medical Work | Missions Research | Cross-Cultural Training and Recruitment | Community Development | Children in Crisis | Literacy | TEFL / ESL | Bible Translation | Radio | Media and Design | Creative Arts Outreach | …and more!

All this “bread and butter” service is then supported by people with many other skills: administrators; accountants; prayer coordinators; pastoral care workers; teachers or home tutors for missionaries’ children; maintenance people; writers and media specialists; IT professionals; short and long term orientation directors; caterers; mobilisers who walk alongside interested people, and those who nurture our relationships and partnerships with NZ churches.

Check out the sub-menu for more on these. Better yet, why not get in contact and let us know where your best fit could be!