Packing a Surprise Punch

A young Kiwi guy has taken a beating and is sitting dazed by the kerb.  It’s easy to walk passed, after all, everyone else is.  I look at my watch...I haven’t got time anyway, I’m already running late...  besides what am I going to do for him, surely no one would expect me to go so far as to take him to a doctor or the hospital... I’m sure it’s not as bad as it looks, it seldom is, I’ll look silly if I approach him and it turns out he’s really just fine...

North African Church Musings

The real church, as we see it, is one in which its members lives are being continually transformed by the gospel.  It sounds obvious, but as the following examples show, genuine Christian faith takes time to settle into people’s character. 

Storytelling breakthroughs amongst Bedouins

“God cannot have a son! Everyone knows this is blasphemy!” I left my friend’s house in a hurry, struggling to hold back the tears. For years it had been like this. We were living with the Bedouin, trying to share Christ with them, but all too often our conversations turned into a debate. My friends would become angry and I frustrated. There had to be a better way than this.

Travelling storyteller takes Jesus to Tibetans

Not on foot but an ambitious new DVD project

The profound influence of Buddhism means that Tibetans instinctively misunderstand Christ and his teaching. Some see Jesus as similar to Buddha or the high lamas rather than God himself in human from. The Tibetan Storytelling Project (TSP) was born out of this need to present Jesus and the Bible in a way Tibetans could understand.