I think, therefore I do...

Whether it’s running schools, medical clinics, sustainable farming, developing literacy programmes, providing relief and development or cattle for those who have lost all they had, WEC teams are sharing Christ’s love around the world.  It is tough and often thankless, but so relevant and necessary.  Some of the workers involved are highly trained professionals, others with hearts full of love do what they can – just like Mary did for Jesus (Mark 14:6-8).

Here’s a random mix of just some of what WECers think and do...

WEC Missionary and Betel Ministry Centre Lost in Victoria Fires

As the world looked on with dismay at the devastating fires in Victoria, WEC was caught up in the midst of the suffering when the Marysville based Betel centre was completely destroyed by fire. 

On the evening of Saturday 7th, the Betel Australia team was forced to abruptly evacuate the rehabilitation centre when massive bushfires suddenly appeared on the mountain behind their property.

Major restoration project in Betel England

Sometimes the physical world around us reflects spiritual realities in our lives. For the Betel work in Nottingham, England, the massive renovation of an old building for use as a new church, offices, and accommodation, reflects the work of God in their lives.

Betel boot camp tests Kiwi church planter

Judy Patterson’s introduction to the ministry of Betel has been an intense one. For the last year she has shared accommodation with the recovering addicts, adhering strictly to the same regime.  Loss of privacy and personal time are just some of the challenges as she adapts to the culture and learns the language.